WRLC Lobster Policy: What you Need to Know

WAFIC Stance

The WAFIC Board, at its final meeting for 2018, and, under the stewardship of the new Chair Dr Ron Edwards, has provided unequivocal support for the Western Rock Lobster Council’s (WRLC) stance opposing the Western Australian Government (WAG) proposal to own a 17.3 percent share of the western rock lobster fishery.

WRLC Stance

As per correspondence Friday 21/12


After completing the December 2018 coastal tour, and immediately following an alternative revenue model workshop facilitated by Dr Peter Rogers on 21 December 2018, the WRL Board convened a meeting and the following were unanimously resolved: The WRL Board RESOLVED to:

  1. Reject the Term Sheet signed between WRL and WA Government on 7 December 2018;
  2. Continue to unanimously and fundamentally oppose State ownership of units;
  3. Endorse an alternative resource rent revenue model to replace State ownership of units in the policy package;
  4. Hold a Board meeting in early January 2019 to finalise a new proposal to be presented to industry for consultation and endorsement;
  5. Continue to support all negotiated benefits in the policy package which includes securing resource rights, the establishment of the institute, the establishment of a body corporate, funding for the industry development package;
  6. Continue to seek legal advice regarding the optimum method for documenting resource rights that provide the security desired by industry.

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As per correspondence Monday 10/12


  • Correspondence was sent to members detailing WRL consistently, repeatedly and forcefully rejected the Government’s position
  • While not supporting the Government’s intervention, during the course of the four weeks of negotiations, WRL secured a range of industry benefits (benefits can be found in below term sheet)
  • At the WRLC Board meeting on 7 December 2018, Minister Kelly confirmed the Government’s intention to proceed with its decision to take a commercial stake in the industry, regardless of whether WRL signed the Term Sheet.
  • Had the Council refused to sign the Term Sheet, all elements of the industry package would have been withdrawn and the Government would have proceeded with its plan to intervene as an owner in the fishery while providing no benefits to existing fishers.

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As per correspondence Tuesday 18/12


 WRLC thanked all stakeholders who took the time to attend coastal tour meetings and for sharing their feedback on the Government’s recently announced decision

  • Advised that WRLC Chair and CEO met with Minister on several occasions i.e. WAFIC Board meeting (20/12/2018) and in afternoon with just the Minister and Ralph Addis to outline spirited opposition to proposal
  • Correspondence stated ‘Minister accepted feedback – and during this process indicated for the first time an interest in alternative revenue models other than State ownership’
  • Stakeholders are encouraged to contact their elected WRL Directors with any new revenue model ideas, so they can be considered
  • WRLC CEO & Chair met with lawyers to finalise a brief
  • Urged stakeholders to solely rely on WRL official communications for info. re: State Government’s policy position
  • Fighting fund has been created for industry donations and to collect any yet to be decided mandatory industry fees – for purpose of fighting the policy

The details of the WRL Fighting Fund account are:

Name of Account: Western Rock Lobster Council Inc.
Bank: ANZ
BSB: 016307
Account no.: 312725633

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As per correspondence Thursday 20/12


  • WRLC CEO and Chair Received legal advice from WRL lawyers (20/12/18)
  • At 6pm on Friday 14 December, WRL received a Draft Amendment of the West Coast Rock Lobster Managed Fishery Management Plan 2012, from the Department of Primary Industries and Regional Development (DPIRD). WRL has had no input into the drafting of this document and has been given until 4pm on Friday 18 January 2019 to provide comment back to DPIRD.

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  • Full WRLC newsflash (including link to Draft Management Plan Amendment & letter received from WRLC lawyers)

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