Zoe Kumar’s Zesty Garlic Chilli Mussels

There are some winter nights that deserve a zesty winter warmer dish and with a touch of chilli powder, red chilli, garlic and of course the hero of the dish – juicy WA mussels – this is one of those recipes not to disappoint. Guaranteed  to warm you and the family ( if there is enough to share….).



Mussels fresh 3-5 mussels per serve
Chilli powder ½ tsp
Red chilli ½ whole
Vegetable stock 150-200ml per serve
Worcestershire To taste
Garlic cloves whole 2 cloves
Corn flour For thickening sauce.
Spring onion ½ stick


Cook the garlic and chilli until aromatic.

Add veg stock and Worcestershire with seasoning.

Bring to boil, add mussels and put lid on top.

Cook mussels until they open 1-2 minutes.

Remove mussels and reduce sauce use cornflour if needed to thicken and serve.

Add spring onion to the sauce at the end for a garnish and extra flavour

Click here to read more about chef Zoe Kumar who is a feature chef for WAFIC’s education initiative.