Fresh catch a priority for local Rockingham fish market and takeaway

Dhuey’s Fish Market and Takeaway manager Mel Steadman.

Speaking to manager Mel Steadman he said he noticed in Europe the amount of fresh fish being sold.

“I had fish and chips on the coast and about 200km inland. No difference. It was all fresh. It was at that moment, I thought if they can do it there, why can’t we serve local, fresh, sustainable fish here?”

Steadman, based at Dhuey’s Fish Market and Takeaway in Rockingham, brings more than 30 years-experience to the business and said that his focus is to offer fresh seafood to the people of Western Australia.

“I am passionate about the seafood industry and want to pass that message onto consumers that we have the best seafood in WA!”

Not only does Dhuey’s offer a selection of fish and seafood to choose from you can also order fish and chips and eat it right in front of the beach.

“Our customers love how the Rockingham Beach foreshore is right across the road – offering the quintessential Aussie fish and chip experience!”

Mr Steadman says that a majority of seafood specialities sold through Dhuey’s Fish market are regionally based, bought and caught – a winner with locals and tourists alike.

“Every West Australian has a right to eat fresh local seafood.”

“Business has been good with increases in tourists coming to try local seafood offered from Shark Bay through to Albany,” he said.
And the secret to the best fish and chips?

“Starting with the freshest WA fish …”

Dhuey’s Fish Market and Takeaway also offers mussels sourced from Garden Island, freshly shucked oysters and Exmouth prawns – all cooked daily. Its fish and chips menu feature a variety of seafood specialities cooked to order.

Dhuey’s Fish Market and Takeaway is located at 3 Flinders Lane, Rockingham. For further information, contact the team on 9591 2829.