SEAFOOD LOVERS: Join WAFIC and MSC @ the 2018 Mandurah Crab Fest

MSC Certified Blue Swimmer Crabs.

This weekend, the 17th and 18th of March, is guaranteed to be a seafood lover’s paradise. The Mandurah Crab Fest, concluding Sustainable Seafood Week, will be jam-packed full of cooking displays, live entertainment and food stalls starring the main ingredient – sustainable, Western Australian seafood.

WAFIC is proud to be in partnership with the Marine Stewardship Council (MSC), where staff will host an educational stall to promote to seafood consumers about WA’s commercial fishing industry- an industry contributing 500 million dollars annually to the Australian economy.

Not only will the crowds enjoy from both WAFIC and MSC – competitions, free samples and lots of fun activities but WA seafood ambassador, Don Hancey, will be providing smoked Mandurah Mullet tasters throughout the day to encourage the community to give the underutilised species a try.

Then, the real fun begins. On Saturday the 17th at 2pm on the main cooking stage, celebrity chefs WA seafood ambassador Don Hancey and MSC global ambassador Bart Van Olphen along with The Minister for Fisheries Dave Kelly, will be cooking up a seafood extravaganza using Mandurah Mullet in front of a hungry crowd.

The cooking demonstration aims to highlight the sustainability of the Peel-Harvey Estuary’s sea mullet fishery – the first finfish fishery in WA to receive MSC certification.

Events like the Mandurah Crab Festival are a firm reminder for locals that WA is home to some of the best managed fisheries in the world.

CEO of WAFIC John Harrison said that WAFIC recognises and wants to further educate our community that because of the tireless efforts of our professional fishers and others working in the seafood sector – WA fish stocks are in great shape.

“The only way current and future generations will be able to continue to enjoy seafood is to retain sustainable fisheries management. That’s why WAFIC strongly endorses the blue MSC ecolabel.”

“We look forward to promoting our commercial fishers and meeting all you seafood lovers throughout this weekend’s festivities,” he said.

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Mullet – MSC Certified.