How to tell if your whole fish is fresh

It is important to follow these top tips from Peter Goulding when selecting a whole fish.

Are you seeking to purchase a whole fish this Christmas but have no idea what to look for? Peter Goulding, founder of The Fishing School Perth, has given us the top selection tips to ensure you choose high-quality fish next time you go shopping.

  1. Check the eyes for clarity. Make sure the eyes are crystal clear. They should be proud and shiny, with no sunken features. If the eyes look healthy, you can be confident that your fish is fresh.It is important to note that cloudy eyes equal an unhealthy fish. Once the fish starts to deteriorate, the eyes dry out and become cloudy or sink in indicating an improperly-handled fish.
  2. Flesh of the fish should be firm and NOT spongy. When pressed it should spring to its natural shape. If it doesn’t spring back, it is a sign that the meat has softened and is no longer fresh. The stomach should NOT be brown or starting to ooze.
  3. Gills should be full of vitality, clean and a nice bright red colour, without a pungent smell coming from them. As the fish ages the gills become slimy and sticky and turn to a dark brown/ black colour.
  4. Check to see if the fish smells. A fresh fish should smell like clean water or the ocean. You should never buy a foul-smelling fish.

And that is Peter’s recommendation on how we select a perfectly good fresh fish. If you’re in any doubt just check with your local fish monger so you can enjoy your beautiful, fresh, Western Australian seafood. After all it is their job to be knowledgeable and a great resource on both purchasing and consuming the fish at hand.