Can you help some young swimmers?

Here’s an opportunity to help a couple of young swimming superstars achieve their swimming goal.

Two Scarboro Surf Life Savers, Alice and Jane Harwood (17 and 19 years old) are booked to swim in the South 32 Rottnest Channel swim, but are seeking help to find a boat with a skipper to support their duo swim to Rottnest on Saturday 25 February 2023.

They are actively chasing a boat and skipper themselves but have also reached out to WAFIC to see if one of our members or friends can assist.

Alice and Jane are excellent swimmers with many State Titles in surf lifesaving between them.

They already have the required paddler and are looking for a boat that is licensed for a minimum of five people. They are happy to cover all costs and drinks post swim, making it a great day to join in.

Details about the swim and boat can be found on the Channel Swim web site at

For comfort and sun/wind protection, the RCSA recommends a preference for a vessel no less than six metres, however the organisers will allow any vessel with a length 4.5 metres or greater that is legally permitted carry the whole team, including the swimmers, paddlers and support crew.

The maximum number of people aboard, including swimmer/s and paddlers are:

  • 4.5m to less than 5m: five people
  • 5m to less than 5.5m: six people
  • 5.5m to less than 6m: seven people

These guidelines are recommendations only and it is the master’s responsibility to determine the exact number of people onboard for a safe voyage and to ensure the boat is suitable and capable of making the trip. The skipper also needs to check the support boat isn’t overloaded.

There is some urgency to the request as the skipper will need to meet Alice and Jane and register themselves by 5pm Sunday, 29 January 2023.

If you are able to help out or know someone who can, please contact Doug McGhie on 0419 988 488, or [email protected].