Western Australia’s only commercial freshwater fishery is in Lake Argyle in the north-eastern Kimberley region of the State’s far north.

This gillnet fishery specifically targets the silver cobbler (Neoarius midgleyi). The LASCF is a limited entry fishery, and allows the operation of six Fishing Boat Licences. Fishers can only use set nets with a minimum mesh size of 159mm and maximum net drop of 30 meshes.

Under the conditions of the fishery, fishers may use no more than 1500m of net at any one time and are prohibited from fishing during the spawning season – 1 November to 31 December each year.

Fishers in the LASCF operators are not permitted to take barramundi (Lates calcarifer) at any time and all nets used by LASCF operators must be suitably marked with licence identification.

This fishery is scheduled for a review of its management arrangements in 2016-2017.

Key Species Fished

Silver Cobbler
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