New report confirms herring stocks have returned to sustainable levels

Commercial fisheries have welcomed news from the latest fisheries science assessment, which shows WA’s herring stock has successfully recovered and a new future can now be planned for the popular finfish species.

The recovery follows management changes implemented in early 2015 to protect the herring stock, reducing the total herring catch by 50 per cent for both the commercial and recreational sectors.

Australian herring are a shared resource with South Australia and Victoria, mainly found inshore from Shark Bay to Albany and along the south coast as far east as Victoria.

A range of commercial fisheries also catch herring by net and provide an important source of supply for local markets.  It is also the most common finfish taken by Western Australia’s recreational fishers on the lower west and south coast.

WAFIC will now work with the Department of Primary Industries and Regional Development (DPIRD) and Recfishwest to map out a more certain future for the popular fish species to ensure it can continue to be plated up in WA. Already we are in close discussions with a view to allowing the G-Trap method to be utilised on the south coast near Albany for the coming season to capitalise on the strong consumer demand for fresh herring and herring products.

More information on the herring stock assessment is available here