ProWest News – WA seafood to go off menus as WA eco-policies run off the rails

It seems the Environment Minister is once again at cross-purposes with the Premier, as Minister Whitby’s team at the Department of Biodiversity, Conservation and Attractions (DBCA) confirm that he will be placing equal weighting on pro-forma e-submissions supplied by Pew and its associates from all parts of the Earth – except WA. This means that the comments of a US eco-lobbyist, that may never have been to WA, will have exactly the same representation as a WA local.

Ironically, the Premier called these e-submissions out as not holding any value, or credibility, when they applied to the Aboriginal Cultural Heritage Act petition. So who is right – The Minister or the Premier?

Either way, you could be confident this would fail any pub-test in Australia, but somehow it makes perfect sense to DBCA.

Why? Because this is how it managed to push through the Buccaneer Marine Park. Of the approximately 17,300 public submissions received, 17,000 were from international pro-forma letters. Only 300-ish were locals, and they were washed over. DBCA was so excited, the agency released a media statement on it.

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