‘Take one Fish’ takes a fresh look at seafood

There’s no shortage of cookbooks on the shelves at the moment but every so often one pops up that’s a little different – and this is one of them.

‘Take One Fish’ by Sydney-based chef, Josh Niland, features more than 250 pages of seafood recipes that use all sorts of species and all parts of the fish, with recipes ranging from the surprisingly simple through to more creative ideas.

I love that Josh is not just focussing on the popular fish like snapper, mackerel, tuna and yellowtail kingfish, but is out there showcasing lesser-known or under-utilised species like sardines, herring and mullet that are delicious and great value.

He also includes recipes that use every part of the fish.

The photography is so good that you’ll want to have a go at creating it, or maybe just using it as a guide for your own visual presentations.

‘Take one Fish’ is published by Hardie Grant and available online or through other retailers. Prices vary, but start at around $35 at BigW.

This book has been handed to me for a look by a number of different people over recent weeks so it’s obviously attracting some attention and you’ll find plenty of good reviews online.