Understanding changes to regional travel in WA

New rules on intrastate travel come into effect from midnight tonight which will restrict movement of people across the Western Australia.

People will be able to travel within their region but will be restricted in their ability to travel to other regions within the State, as a way of limiting the potential spread of COVID-19 into regional areas.

These measures will help contain transmission while also minimising the risk of placing heavy social, economic and health-related burdens on regional centres.

People working in essential services, and those with special circumstances will be exempt.

Exemptions include:

  • People travelling to work or attending medical appointments
  • Transporting freight
  • Attending schools or an educational institution
  • Accessing groceries or supplies when they are not available within their region
  • Approved compassionate grounds
  • People returning to their primary residence
  • Parents dropping children off for custody arrangements
  • Primary producers moving across regions to agricultural properties

Regional boundaries will be split into nine regions, based on the boundaries of the Regional Development Commissions. You’ll find more detail on this at DPIRD:

People needing to cross a regional boundary will be required to:

  • Travel with a driver’s licence
  • Carry a letter from your employer showing reasons why you need to travel

More information on exemptions is available and will be updated as changes are confirmed.

Exemptions will not apply to:

  • Visiting family or friends (unless you are carrying essential supplies for them)
  • Visiting your holiday home or hobby farm
  • Going on a camping trip or holiday
  • Pursuing recreational activities

These measures are in place to restrict movement and minimise transmission, so please abide with directions and use your common sense.

Road blocks will be in place in some areas and police will be undertaking random patrols.

Fines of up to $50,000 apply for anyone caught doing the wrong thing. Police have powers to direct drivers to turn around and return home if they do not have a legitimate reason for movement across regional boundaries.

We’ll provide more WA Government information updates as they are released.