WA Fishing Industry Council appoints new Chair

The Western Australian Fishing Industry Council (WAFIC) has appointed the Hon Adele Farina LLB MAICD as Chair following the retirement of the popular Murray Criddle.

“I committed to two years in the role, but stayed for three to institute the necessary reforms and set in place a new direction for this critically important body,” said Mr Criddle, “there are now a number of emerging challenges on the horizon which will require leadership stability and continuity, so I believe now is a good time to hand over to a new leader.”

“It has been an honour and pleasure to serve this amazing industry to truly appreciate the sacrifices made by commercial fishers and ensure the public has ongoing access to fresh high-quality local seafood – they are highly valued members of the WA community,” Mr Criddle said.

CAPTION: Adele Farina replaces former Chair, Murray Criddle. Adele brings with her a strong background in regional business representation and State Government politics

The highly qualified Ms Farina has an extensive background in public affairs, including 20 years as a Member of the Legislative Council for the South-West region. Ms Farina will remain as CEO (Acting) of the Forest Industry Federation of WA (FIFWA) which has strongly represented regional businesses and communities impacted by the government’s closure of the native forest industry.

“I am committed to working with the WAFIC Board to ensure the fishing industry is best protected from a range of serious challenges, including marine park sanctuary areas, exclusion zones for offshore wind farms, desalination plants and a range of other impacts that are adversely impacting the viability of commercial fishing and the ability of consumers to buy fish sourced locally,” said Ms Farina.

“It is important the government recognises the industry is at a tipping point where the ability to maintain supply of fresh fish is being seriously compromised by failing to manage the impacts of coastal developments.  The fact that 70% of current seafood consumption in WA is imported from often unsustainable sources is a huge concern – and unless changes are made by government this situation will rapidly get worse,” said Ms Farina.

“Despite the fact that the commercial fishing industry has the highest management standards and is both renewable and sustainable, this is all under direct threat – so I will ensure the industry’s voice is heard,” Ms Farina said.