How to Cook WA Shark

Don Hancey educating students about the benefits of cooking with WA Shark.

WA seafood ambassador Don Hancey says that West Australian shark fillet is one of the nicest fish you could eat.

“It’s healthy, affordable, sustainable and (as an added bonus) tasty.”

“One of the easiest ways to cook is to dice up a 200g fillet into bite size chunks then wok it along with some healthy vegetables like sliced carrots, onion, ginger, garlic, sesame oil, soy sauce.”

“It’s also easy to pan fry the shark cubes or grill them on your BBQ.”

Coat the Shark in dry ingredients before tossing to stir fry or BBQ.

Don’s Simple Shark Recipe


200g shark fillets cut into bite sized pieces

Good splash of WA olive oil

Salt and pepper (white or black either of)

A good sprinkle of paprika (smoke paprika is awesome)

1 cup of plain flour

Sliced carrots

Ginger diced

Chopped  garlic

Dash of sesame oil

Dash of soy sauce

1X Lemon

In a bowl mix the flour and dry spices, toss the shark pieces in the flour mix,  shake off excess flour


Drizzle oil on grill, coat shark in dry mixture(as above), cook and  lightly colour on each side, sprinkle with salt, squeeze with half a lemon serve as a  yummy finger food snack.


Heat oil in a wok to medium heat.

Coat shark in dry mixture.

Toss in vegetables, ginger, stir fry for a minute.

Add in garlic, sesame oil.

Add in fish.

Stir fry, turning occasionally, until golden brown.

Finish with  a small splash of soy sauce.

Garnish with coriander or sliced spring onion.