Lesser Known Species Thrust into Spotlight

Earlier this month chefs Don Hancey and Pete Manifis, WAFIC representative Danika and industry veteran Jim Mendolia had the opportunity to change first to third year hospitality student mindsets on underutilised WA species at a workshop earlier in the month. The 30+ students enjoyed the educational experience – learning about our great sustainable seafood industry (with plenty of #waseafood to try thanks to 2 great seafood chefs). West Australian journalist Jenne Bremer wrote an excellent article detailing the event – click to read: http://bit.ly/2zuOLbu

Check out the photos below for behind the scenes action:

Up to 30 students had the opportunity too see X2 seafood chefs in action using lesser known species in their dishes.

Great to see media in attendance: Link to West article – http://bit.ly/2zuOLbu


Wild Australian Salmon was on the menu – simple dish boasting full flavours

Kentucky fried Mandurah mullet – what a delicious idea that the whole family will love! Thanks Peter Manifis

WA sardines on toast…. can’t go wrong… always a winner.

Students from 1st to 3rd year had a wonderful, educational experience learning about #waseafood

2 of the best – WA seafood runs in their blood. Don Hancey and Peter Manifis.

Seafood paella using lesser known species – a favourite from any age group

Geraldton Kingfish ceviche – a fresh seafood dish