Panic Buttons in your Pocket

In a time when everyone is far too familiar with incidents of natural and unanticipated disaster, there is a great need to explore faster and more effective methods of activating relief efforts. Social and mobile tools play an ever-increasing role in emergency response and rescue efforts, as well as overall personal safety. The below two apps are both free downloads and include SES and Police Assistance Line numbers as options.

App 1 –  ‘Emergency +’

An initiative designed by the Australian Government State and Territory Emergency Services and industry partners, ‘Emergency +’ is a national app which uses GPS functionality built into smart phones to help a Triple Zero (000) caller access critical location details required to mobilise emergency services.

The app uses a mobile phone’s GPS functionality so callers can provide emergency call-takers with their location information as determined by their smart phone. ‘Emergency+’ also includes SES and Police Assistance Line numbers as options, so non-emergency calls are made to the most appropriate number.

pic1App 2 – ‘WA Emergency Department (WAED) Waiting Times’

Sometimes it makes sense to drive a bit further than your closest hospital to attend an emergency department, as that emergency department may not be as busy as your local hospital.

The WAED app (free download) collects Perth hospital emergency department waiting times published by the Department of Health, along with traffic data, device geolocation, and local maps to give app users an estimate of travel time and the ability to identify which nearby hospital can see them sooner.

The app is hosted on Microsoft’s Azure cloud computing platform and covers hospitals including the Sir Charles Gairdner, Rockingham, Royal Perth, Armadale, King Edward Women’s, Princess Margaret Children’s, and Fiona Stanley.

You can also call emergency services for immediate assistance.