Tantalise your Tastebuds with #WASEAFOOD at Studio Bistro

The next time you take a trip to the Southwest, tantalise your taste buds with the best Western Australian produce has to offer at ‘The Studio Bistro’ nestled in a bush setting in Yallingup. The menu is contemporary and reflects the Margaret River region – laid-back, fresh and innovative, whilst the studio allows patrons to peruse local artwork. And local seafood is a must have item. From whiting, clams, abalone, crayfish and fish all sourced from WA – you will see why this is one restaurant to have on your foodie bucket list…

Studio Bistro in Yallingup is renown for it’s contemporary, fresh menu highlighting the best of what’s on offer from WA.

Owner and manager Steve Tippet said the philosophy of the restaurant is where great food and art come together.

“The restaurant is a bistro attached to an art gallery so a lot of our customers come for the overall experience, not just a quick feed.”

He said that when people come to the Southwest, they want to enjoy the best of what the region can offer.

“While you here, you want to enjoy Western Australian produce – and there is no doubt that we are home to some of the best seafood in the world.”

“We try and source directly from the region, although with seafood we tend to have to go outside of the local area.”

“The majority of our prawns and clams all come from the Shark Bay area. We source our fish from northern WA waters and as far south as Esperance.”

One of the most popular seafood dishes the bistro includes on the menu is seafood moqueca (pronounced moo-kek-a).

A customer enjoying the very popular seafood moqueca

The dish is a colourful, home-grown, vibrant and hearty recipe by Brazilian head-chef Thales – said to be brimming full of flavours of South American flavours.

Chef Thales said he dehydrates scallops, spines of whiting and clams to make the sauce.

“I then add coconut flesh, spices to add zing and red, yellow and green capsicums – to give vibrancy and colour. Then I mix together with coconut milk.”

Steve said the dish is very popular with tourists and domestic travellers alike because they use a combination of the best, local seafood they can find.

“The dish is brimming with local seafood such as cuttlefish or squid from Geograph Bay and fish, including gold band snapper, and prawns from the north.”

“We also do an ‘upgraded version’ of the dish using Western rock lobster, scampi and abalone.”

One of the restaurants most popular dishes – ‘the seafood moqueca’ – inspired by South- American flavours

“Another seafood favourite is our entree – tempura whiting from Shark Bay. We serve it with a honey and lime carrot cream and a tartar sauce.”

“Although the menu doesn’t change, we tend to feature ingredients based on seasonality, and depending on what we are doing at the time.”

Steve said consumers want reassurance that seafood on the menu is from WA. Nothing beats WA seafood, and wine!

Concluding, Steve said that customers know the quality of Western Australian seafood and look for it on the menu.

“We find that customers want to be assured that the seafood we use is locally sourced.”

“To ensure customers are fully aware of the origin of our produce, we state it on our menu.”

“Our staff members are also trained to state to patrons what the fish of the day is, and where it is sourced.”

A seafood rice dish included, pink snapper, squid, prawns, clams, bottarga, saffron and red peppers. #local

“To state West Australian origin on our menu is a major selling point. We want to be known that we sell local seafood – that is just so positive for us.”

“We look forward to welcoming you to a long-lunch where you can enjoy WA seafood paired with our selection of WA beverages whilst settled amongst nature,” he said.

Address: 21/7 Marrinup Dr, Yallingup WA 6282

Website: thestudiobistro.com.au

Phone: (08) 9756 6164