The year of the Poké– WA seafood with a Hawaiian Twist

The team at Hoki Poke, Yanni Kailis (far left), Theo Kailis, fishmonger Samuel Rowlands and Mickey Kailis who are committed to selling fresh, local seafood.

For those of you who are yet to hear about the new craze that has recently hit the Western shores, Poké (Hawaiin for “to section” or “to slice or cut”), is raw fish cut into cubes served traditionally over a bowl of rice and/or salad that is generally eaten as an appetizer or main in Hawaiian cuisine. It is as said that it is as much a staple in Hawaii as hamburgers are throughout the rest of the US mainland – found in supermarket delis, and high-end restaurants, at family events and parties.

The dish was traditionally created by Hawaiian fishermen, combining extras from their catch of “ahi” tuna (or sometimes octopus) with seaweed and sweet onions. The original dish saw chopped fish prepared and seasoned with sea salt dried in the sun, limu (seaweed), and inamona (roasted and crushed kuki not), lending an oily richness.

Today the dish has transformed and evolved, with local restaurants and casual food joints getting creative and making the dish their own through the incorporation of new flavours and ingredients.

Fresh Yellow-tail ‘Hiramasa’ Kingfish @hoki.poke

One of the newest poke joints around Perth is ‘Hoki Poké’ renowned for their commitment in serving customers the freshest seafood available – with local fisherman delivering their catch to Kailis Bros daily. Customers can choose from the likes of local Yellowtail Kingfish from Geraldton, hot smoked salmon and King Prawns from Exmouth for the main ingredient and delicious toppings such as shallots, avocado, shredded carrots, pickled ginger and mango.

Yanni Kailis from Hoki Poké, said he was first introduced to the concept of Poké in Melbourne.

“After researching, I noticed that Poké was a food craze that had spread to all parts of the world… except Perth.”

“Although locals had travelled and become hooked on Poké Bowls, there was not a dedicated Poké bar at home – and so Hoki Poké was born!”

Yanni said the concept of Poké is on trend because it’s healthy, nutritious and tastes good too!

“People are actively wanting to explore new food today as they look for healthier lifestyles and experience different food cultures on their travels.”

“Poké’s Hawaiian roots have some exciting flavours complimented by a distinct Japanese influence as well.”

However, Yanni said the real star of the show is the incredible Australian seafood.

“We only use Australian seafood and are always sourcing the very freshest local catch. Kingfish from Geraldton, local Yellowfin Tuna and King Prawns from Exmouth are our most popular Poké’s.”

Rottnest Scallops Poké – source @hoki.poke instagram

“We have also served up some specials that showcase local WA catch such as our Rottnest Scallop Poké, which was an absolute hit!”

Yanni said the business stands out, because of their commitment to serving only the freshest and finest local catch.

“No other Poké shop in Perth gets the direct access to fresh seafood like we do at Hoki Poké. Being located in Kailis Bros Leederville, we have the most incredible variety of West Australian seafood being served in our Poké Bowls to customers every day.

Fresh, tasty and oh-so Instagram worthy – this is a dish you need to try for yourself. For more information about Hoke Poké go to: or via

The Hoki Poke bowl – full of fresh, locally source Australian seafood @hoke.poki